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Share your story

Tandem wants to collect your stories and experiences as family and friends in mental health.

As the peak body for those supporting someone with mental health issues, we want to know more than just the statistics and figures of our members. The real stories of those of you out in the community carry more power and authenticity than any study.

If you would like to contribute your story so Tandem can use it in our social media and advocacy work you can do so below. See Esther’s or Peter's story for an example of how Tandem would like to bring your story to Victoria’s future decision makers.

While we welcome you to share your story with us, please note we are not able to provide clinical advice, referrals or support.

Esther's story | "It’s disgraceful. It’s disgraceful that we’ve let this go on for so long. We must do more. Safety is a basic human right and if we can’t guarantee that in state care than we are failing as a society to meet our most basic obligations to one another." Read more

Peter's story | "I work in the mental health community-managed services. We deal with people here in Barwon who need support to maintain a roof over their heads. In the past, many people who we saw as vulnerable to homelessness were utilising services funded via the MHCSS and working closely with supporters and other advocates. As these services disappear – keeping in mind that the NDIS isn’t replacing these with like for like services – these relationships break down and these people then come to us for crisis accommodation and homelessness support." Read more